The Heart Of Healing

My one year-old pup, Teddi, fell suddenly ill with a shocking diagnosis of kidney failure yesterday. I was devastated by this news as he has been happy and lively since his adoption last fall from a local animal shelter (with his two spunky brothers). The vet told me to be prepared to let him go today as his lab results indicated impending death. I believe that the possiblity of healing and shifting dis-ease exists no matter what the prognosis. I spent the day doing energy medicine on this special little guy and called in the help of my gifted lightworker friends to send healing from afar. As I held him today and gazed into his eyes, I felt the divine heart connection between us and knew that he was receiving the love I was sending through him (as well as the loving thoughts from my friends). His lab results showed his tiny body was responding to our efforts and his spirits were lifting. I continue to maintain my heart connection tonight in spirit with little Teddi and will be with him tomorrow morning in the hopes of bringing him home to be with his brothers.