Equine Experiential Learning

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Transformative Equine Experiential Learning

This unique experience provides a space for you to explore your hidden self as our horse partners reflect what is deep within our heart and soul. The illumination of latent fears and concerns may surface as you interact with the herd. This is when the healing begins.

The horses’ heart coherent presence allows us to make a rapid connection, gaining insight into ourselves and others as we follow the energetic journey on the ground. The language of Equus guides you in a new direction of discovery.

Our discovery begins on the ground as we meet our intuitive herd in a safe and gentle way. You will be guided to interact with our equine partners in a number of simple exercises. From here the magic unfolds. No horse experience is required.

The Blue Ray of Hope Integrative Wellness Center is dedicated to expanding awareness in the realm of holistic health and well-being. Our signature offering is the Equine Experiential Learning Program which facilitates self-discovery while partnering with our intuitive herd.

Awakened this AM feeling so blessed by Laredo and her amazing team, Cash and Bud!! Just can’t believe they did what they did!! So blessed YOU have entered my life!! Love you!!! — Mary

Meet Our team


Equine Experiential Program Founder/Senior Director/Certified Energy Practitioner

Dr. Panucci is an Intuitive Energy Practitioner who loves sharing her passion for life. Her simple yet effective method of teaching energetic balance with the help of the herd for stress relief opens pathways for true joy.


Equine Experiential Learning Practitioner/Program Director

Susan Gagnier is an inspirational leader who brings clarity to the equine experiential self-discovery process. Her ability to connect and hold space for the growth of her clients is unparalleled.

Donna, again thanking you for such a wonderful weekend… I am still processing that I was able to enjoy your horses, especially Pony Boy, with no allergies, at the arena and all day. Energy and intention can be so powerful. —Renu


I’m Laredo, a chestnut Quarterhorse. I am the leader of my amazing herd. With my gentle nature I will help you feel comfortable and safe. Talk to me, I am a great listener.


My name is Bud. As a mustang I am the watchful protector of both herd and home. My calm and stoic presence welcomes all who come looking for peace.


I’m Ginger, a Haflinger. With my long, rock star mane I am beautiful and I know it! I love to be pampered and admired. Come meet me!

Pony Boy

My name is Pony Boy, an Appaloosa pony. I am playful, a bit mischievous and a friend to all. Careful where you place your cup, I may tip it over.


Howdy, I am Cash, a buckskin Quarterhorse. I am a hardworking, cowboy horse with a stoic yet kind heart. Join me as we discover your peaceful purpose.