Energy Medicine for Life – Shift your Energy to Transform your Life!


Date:  Friday, Sept 29- Sunday, Oct 1, 2023
Location:   Blue Ray of Hope, Union, WV

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Join Dr. Donna Panucci in an AMAZING weekend of shared energy to learn the many ways that Energy Medicine can improve your life!  Energy Medicine brings balance and renewal to the body’s energies which in turn promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Dr. Panucci will expand upon the basics of Eden Energy Medicine which begins with a Daily Balancing Routine to shift your energies to accomplish the following:

  • Strengthen immune system
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Sharpen your mind and memory
  • Release toxins safely
  • Improve sleep
  • Promote total body wellness
  • Experience lasting JOY!

Description: This “hands-on” workshop, will offer many opportunities to experience and harmonize your own energy as well as positively influence others. Our practice will include the exploration of the meridian system including learning how to trace your “energy rivers’ to optimize total body wellness. We will experience a simple technique for clearing and balancing the major chakra centers that so deeply influence our emotional states. We will also explore and harmonize the human biofield/aura to maximize the protective and integrative effects of your energetic “shell.”

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in learning to optimize their vitality by taking responsibility for their own self-care, then this workshop is for you. No experience or previous knowledge necessary. Once you begin this journey you will never turn back. It is an expansive, fun, challenging yet rewarding process.

About the Instructor and the Energy Work: Dr. Donna Panucci began her energy healing exploration as a Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor in 2010. She then became a certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner traveling to Cleveland and Phoenix over a four year period  to train with Donna Eden’s organization, Innersource, which oversees teachers, courses and products offered around the world. The classes are based on Donna Eden’s award-winning book, Energy Medicine, now translated into 20 languages and a US Book News “Book of the Year” in the self-help category. Donna combined her vast knowledge of energetics and taught hundreds of people how to manage their own energy systems in workshops. These techniques have been shown to increase vitality and health by working with the body’s subtle energies. Consistent practice can help to relieve pain, sharpen your mind, relieve stress and anxiety, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, relieve allergies, enhance well-being, manage weight, and alleviate insomnia.
Dr. Panucci continued her exploration of the power of balancing energy by partnering with her amazing equine herd, obtaining three certifications in Equine Coaching and Facilitation. The power of the herd in conjunction with her most recent accomplishment of becoming a HeartMath Trainer has heightened her ability to offer transformational experiences to all that visit. She is an inspirational and passionate instructor that brings energy, insights and joy to the workshop!

Workshop Content:

  • Principles of Energy Medicine
  • Daily Energy Routine, demonstration, practice and purpose for each
  • Introduction to Five Key Energy Systems
  • Meridian Flow Wheel- overview of the wheel and the how time of day influences us
  • Tracing Meridians- each of the 14 meridians will be reviewed and you will learn how to trace your own
  • Neurolymphatic Reflex Points (NL). NL points have no pump to move toxins from our body, so we will learn where they are located and how to move these toxins.
  • Introduction to Triple Warmer & Spleen – these are a unique pair of meridians that together govern our stress response and immune response.
  • Learning to stay grounded- demonstration and practice
  • The Auric Field- demonstration of testing the field and partner clearing practice
  • Energy Testing- techniques to energy test yourselves will be demonstrated and taught
  • Neurovascular Reflex Points- points that govern emotional well-being and manage our stress response

Handouts will be provided for all activities covered in the workshop. Attendees are encouraged to share with their friends and families!

Program Dates and Time: Join us on Friday, Sept 29th at 5:00 pm. There will be a Friday evening introduction to our Energy Medicine weekend. The workshop will continue on Saturday, beginning at 9:00 am and ending at 5:00 pm. An optional evening program will be offered. We will meet on Sunday from 9-3:00 pm to practice our techniques and integrate gained knowledge.

Event Location: Blue Ray Ranch

Blue Ray of Hope Integrative Wellness Center
5800 Willow Bend Rd
Union, WV 24983


Program Cost: $600 includes entire weekend workshop with in-depth manual and workshop materials. Bring a friend and receive $100 discount off of both you and your guest’s registration fees! All profits go to Blue Ray of Hope to further our educational offerings.

Meal Plan Cost: $110 includes Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch/Friday and Saturday evening dinner

Local Lodging Available:

Willow Bend B&B Deeply discounted rate of $70 a night for single occupancy room/ $100 a night total for double occupancy room (shared cost)

Blue Ray RanchDeeply discounted rate of $90 a night for private tiny house/$110 a night for double occupancy (shared cost)

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